The Tragedy of Hamlet Prince of Denmark 2009

By William Shakespeare

Tragedy of the first order is a rare phenomenon. Murder, madness and immanent war combined with a ghost, vendettas, spies and poisoning make this play one of Shakespeare’s finest. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark and this vicious rendition of the play exposes the horror of power-hungry plots and the ruin of a royal family.


Hats off to the Rock the Ground Theater Company for their bold and spirited version of “Hamlet.” …Read More

— Elizabeth Tallent

Great acting, great directing, great costumes, and even some beautiful video and music. …Read More

— Janet Adelman, Professor Emerita of English, University of California, Berkeley

Watching Hugh Dignon play Hamlet at Lions Hall in Fort Bragg on Saturday night, the Bard’s language was as intoxicating and the satire as pertinent as it was 400 years ago. …Read More

— Frank Hartzell

The Cast

Hamlet – Hugh Dignon
Claudius – Dan Kozloff
Gertrude – Alena Guest
Ophelia – Veronica Krestow
Polonius – David Woolis
Laertes, Ghost – Jonathan Haugen
Horatio – Bruce Cole
Bernardo, Rosencrantz, Norwegian Sailor – Michael Rosetti
Guildenstern, Man Servant, Pallbearer, Sailor – Eli Bye
Gravedigger, Player – Mike Dawson
Marcellus, Ostic, Player King, Preist – Matt Ramsey
Maid in Waiting, Player Queen – Ana Lucus
Pallbearer, Servant, Fortinbras, Luciaus, Reynaldo, Sailor, Francisco – Leif Hollberg

Staff & Crew

Artistic Director – Hugh Dignon

Associate Artists – Lavender Grace Kent, Todd Cinnamon, Steven Bates

Artists in Residence – Jonathan Haugen, Eyan Candini, Veronica Krestow, Bruce Cole

Staff – Matt Biggs, Matt Rowland, Eyan Candini, Tony Tringale, Sally Tringale, Eileen Wolfe, Allan Droyan, James Joyce, Jim McDannold, Lisa Hannon, Brian Shefrin of Tinksweat, Paloma Camona, Natalie Cottrell

Multi Media Design and Engineering – Todd and Lavender of Studioonethirtyone.net

Fight Director – Bruce Cole

Fight Consultant – Lee Edmondson


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