Rocky Horror Show 2009

By Richard O’Brien

“Rocky Horror” is Glam Rock at it’s glittering, magnificent best. Enduring as a cultural phenomenon, a cult film classic, a romantic spoof of science fiction and horror films, an anarchic revolt against the mainstream and a celebration of alternative lifestyles and sexual freedom, but above all, it ROCKS! So, get out of your chairs and dance! Don’t dream it, be it!

The Cast

Riff Raff – Jonathan Haugen

As an actor, Mr. Haugen has worked off and on again for ten seasons at The Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Roles include Loveborg, Ford, Dr. Faustus, among others. Mr. Haugen has also performed at A.C.T. (San Francisco, CA), Berkeley Rep, Cal Shakes, among others. Mr. Haugen directed shows “You Never Can Tell” and “The Philadelphia Story” for Hillside Repertory (Los Angeles, CA). Other projects include “Pelleas and Melisande” at The French Academy (New York, NY), “Saint Thais” for Damn Fool Productions (Memphis, TN). Mr. Haugen was the Artistic Director of the Water Street Theater for three years (Port Townsend, WA)

Magenta – Autumn Faber

Ms. Faber grew up in Mendocino. She began writing and performing theater at The Albion Whale School when she was ten. Ms. Faber enjoys theatrical productions that question mainstream assumptions and have humorous and political impact. She is currently working on a screen play about Kung Foo Divas From Another Planet.

Janet – Samantha Horn

Ms. Horn has been interested in theater since she was a little girl. Her first experience on stage was at 10 years old when she starred as Lucy in “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown”. Since then, she has taken on roles such as Annie in “Annie”, Marty in “Grease” and most recently Louise in “The Underpants” put on by Hugh Dignon with the Mendocino Theater Company. Samantha has studied the Meisner technique of acting with the Piero Dusa Acting Conservatory in Santa Monica, CA. She is so happy to be a part of this production, her last in the states for a while. Her next adventure takes her to the Philippines where she hops to challenge herself in new and different ways!

Brad – Snap’n Jack Evans

How many open mic performers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? It doesn’t matter as long as everyone gets a turn. What did the mayonnaise say to the refrigerator? “Shut the door, I’m dressing.” Kitchen tip: Got flimsy carrots in your fridge, replant them in garden soil and wait a week to re-harvest. Hair by Dru Anne.

The Narrator – David Woolis

Mr. Woolis has been appearing on local stages since his repertory debut, as Winnie in “Winnie-the-Pooh” and Aaron Levinsky for the defense in “Nuts”, in 1983. He is thrilled to have this opportunity to push the envelope of repertory performance by appearing as Polonius in “Hamlet” and The Narrator in “The Rocky Horror Show”. In the intervening years, he has worked with all local theater companies including Mendocino Theatre Company, Opera Fresca, Symphony of the Redwoods, Storybook Players, and Gloriana Musical Theater. He has worked both on-stage and backstage in numerous capacities in over 50 productions, is currently Vice President of Gloriana, and will be appearing this summer in Mendocino Theatre’s “Leading Ladies”

Columbia – Trane Enevoldsen

Princess Trane, niece to the queen of Denmark; Margrethe II. Did theatre while attending college in Copenhagen, with starring roles in plays such as: “Saa Gaar Den Ikke Laengere Du” and “Hun Har Jo Ikke Nogen Bukser Paa”. Awarded the Danish order of The White Elephant, by her aunt…of course. Is currently a Rock ‘n’ Roll star in the most amazing band EVER, “The Pasties”. Long may they live.

Frank N. Furter – Eyan Candini

Mr. Candini has worked off and on for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival for seven seasons. He attended Carnegie Mellon (Pittsburg, PA) in 2002. Broadway Tours as Wardrobe Supervisor include “Jersey Boys”, “Little Women” and “Light in the Piazza”. As a designer he has worked at American Blues Theater (Stockton, CA), Temple Theater (Sanford, NC), Rogue Musical Theater (OR), among others.

Rocky – Matthew Strong

Born 1980. Degrees in civil engineering and English lit from University of Illinois urbana 2003. Worked at bars, coffee shops, book stores, golf courses, independent theaters, architecture firms, animal shelters, and as a photographer. Done work fabricating thermoplastic heat exchangers, nude modeling, writing articles for an arts publication, and a 3-year stint as a professor of structural engineering at the Boston Architectural College.

Eddie – Bobby Miller

After a 20-year absence from the theatre, rediscovered by Hugh Dignon at a seedy bar in New York. Life submerged in Rock and Roll by running The Caspar Inn. Stage name is now “Bobby Thunder”.

Dr. Scott – Charles Wall

Started his musical theater career at age 13 in the Sacramento Light Opera Company’s production of “The Musical Man”. In college he was assistant musical director of the Summer Stock production of “The Hobbit”. Locally, he took over lead role in one of the Footlighter’s last productions of “La Boheme” and “Carmen”, as well as in the Mendocino Music Festival’s “Porgy and Bess” and “Beethoven’s 9th (Ode to Joy)”. Charles followed his son to an audience participation of “The Rocky Horror Show”, 14 years ago and has been “Doing the Time Warp” ever since.

Phantom/Transilvanian – KeriAnn Dragonne

Lifelong fan of Rocky there starting at the age of 4. Showed up late for auditions, and still got a part!

Phantom/Transilvanian – Jennifer Barbato

Ms. Barbato studied dance, yoga, fine art and design in New York and moved to Northern California in 2001. She has been a resident at the Mendocino Art Center and performed modern dance pieces in Fort Bragg and Mendocino. She is currently a member of the artist groups “The Wyrd Sisters” and “Wig”.

Phantom/Transilvanian – Eli Bye

A Fort Bragg local for 8 years, Mr. Bye is a creative, funny and easy going performer whose latest films are “My Favorite Color Pink” and “The Deadbeat”. His recent workshops are: Comedy Improv, Singing for Theater and voice lessons. Other endeavors are Rossini’s “Barber of Seville”, and Neil Simon’s “Sunshine Boys” Gloriana’s “Annie Get Your Gun” and “A Little Night Music”.

Phantom/Transilvanian – Tommy ‘Hot’ Barron

Born Valentine’s Day 1951 to a couple of circus performers, Mr. Barron spent the first 6 months of his life in a bassinet in a railroad car. His aunt, who danced for the Rockettes, started teaching him tap at the age of three. He attended St. Stephen’s HS in Brooklyn where he played Nat Miller, the Fearless Fighting editor of the Daily Centerfiled Globe in “Take Me Along”. He then attended Columbia University where he played Jerry in “Lovers and Other Strangers”. Tommy moved to Fort Bragg in 2006. He was lead dancer and played Bishop Dobson in the 2007 Gloriana production of Cole Porter’s “Anything Goes”.

Director's Notes

I wish Theater were more like a Rock concert, and Rock concerts more like theater.

I love Rock music. It has coursed through my veins ever since that summer in Martha’s Vineyard when my friends and I discovered the scratchy LP of The Beatles’ Abbey Road album and we played it every day. As a kid, I blew all my allowance on Rock records, especially bootlegs of The Who and Led Zeppelin — and whenever I could convince my parents to let me go to a concert, I would be there, dancing in the loud, guitar-drenched glory of it all. My first concert experience was The Kinks in Washington D.C. on the Sleepwalker tour and ever since that time I’ve been a Live Music Junkee.

I’ve been thinking of staging The Rocky Horror Show for years now. My buddy, Bobby, and I used to bat around the idea of doing at The Caspar Inn on a week night. Maybe some day we’ll revive it there. I couldn’t think of a more extreme companion piece for Rock the Ground Theater Company’s production of Hamlet than Rock Horror. Yet, for those in our community who come to see both our productions, there are some odd similarities between the two, not the least of which is the fact both plays end with major characters dead onstage.

Steven-Bates-01This production is the culmination of a long-held dream. Many various planets aligned to make this project come to fruition. At the heart of it all is friendship. Many good friends of mine stepped up to the plate, selflessly gave of their invaluable time, energy, and creativity to make this project happen, thanks from my heart, guys. I am in your debt. At the risk of embarrassing him, I’ll single out one of you all, without whom, I think you’ll agree, we wouldn’t have staged this production at all. The very first person I approached to do this show was my long-time friend, Steven Bates. If you don’t know Steven or never seen he and his band play, well, you’re in for a real treat. He’s a superb songwriter, soulful singer, scorching guitarist; a rocker, a prince among men and the real deal. And if he hadn’t wanted to do it, or didn’t care for the music, I would have dropped the whole idea., I wouldn’t have attempted to do the show without him. And then you wouldn’t be sitting here tonight. So, luckily he wanted to do it and liked the music as much as I did.

The very first person I approached to do this show was my long-time friend, Steven Bates. If you don’t know Steven or never seen he and his band play, well, you’re in for a real treat. He’s a superb songwriter, soulful singer, scorching guitarist; a rocker, a prince among men and the real deal.

I’ve always loved the music in this show. Richard O’Brien’s songs are cut from the same cloth as the music I loved from the early to mid-seventies: Marc Bolan and T. Rex, Queen, Ian Hunter and Mott the Hoople, Early Roxy Music, Sweet, The New York Dolls, Lou Reed’s Transformer album, Iggy Pop’s Lust For Life, David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust and Mick Ronson, the superb guitarist of The Spiders From MarsRocky Horror is Glam Rock at it’s glittering, magnificent best.

For those in our audience who are only familiar with the movie upon which this, the original Rock Musical was based, you will notice some slight differences, some odd quirks. Viva la difference! And, though Time Magazine once call The Rocky Horror Show “campy trash”, it has endured as a cultural phenomenon, a cult film classic, a comic spoof of science fiction and horror films, an anarchic revolt against the mainstream, a celebration of alternative lifestyles and sexual freedom, but above all, it ROCKS! So, get out of your chairs and dance!

Don’t dream it, be it!

— Hugh Dignon

Special Thanks

Linda Berry, Howard Berry, Georgia Lucas, Ana Lucas, Chriss Zaida, Trane Enevoldsen, KeriAnn Dragonne, James Joyce, Matt Rowland, Allan Droyan, Chuck Artigues, Betty Abramson, Brian Shefrin & Music Merchant, Steven, Jim, and Michael from V’Canto, Fort Bragg Lions Club, Steve Siler, Matthew Biggs, Barbara & Jeff from Mendo Burger, Veronica Krestow, Lavender and Todd from Studio OneThirtyOne, Northcoast Brewing Company, Jonathan Haugen, Allan Furguson at Braggadoon, Sally Tringale, and you.

Staff & Crew

Artistic Director – Hugh Dignon

Director – Hugh Dignon

Artists in Residence – Jonathan Haugen, Eyan Candini, Veronica Krestow and Bruce Cole

Associate Artists – Lavender Grace Kent, Todd Cinnamon, Steven Bates

Music Director – Steven Bates
Guitar and Vocals – Steven Bates
Bass – Todd Cinnamon
Drums – James Preston
Keyboards – Richard MacGeraghty

Choreography – Tommy Barron, Jen Barbato

Stage Managers – Eileen Wolfe, Sally Tringale

Lighting Designer – Tony Tringale
Set Construction – Matthew Biggs
Set Design – Matt Rowland
Costumes – Eyan Candini
Wigs – Jakey Hicks
Sound & Video – Lavender Grace Kent, Jimmy McDannold
Lighting Operator – Lisa Hannon
Production Coordinator – Danielle Frey
House Manager – James Joyce
Photographer – Allan Droyan
Program – Brian Shefrin of Tinksweat