A Great ‘Hamlet’

Review from Advocate News, Thursday, February 12th, 2009

A Great ‘Hamlet’

By Janet Adelman, Professor Emerita of English, University of California, Berkeley

Last Saturday my husband and I saw a great production of “Hamlet” right here in Fort Bragg. I’ve taught Shakespeare at the University of California for many years and have seen more “Hamlet’s” than I care to remember, but for intelligence and immediacy, this one definitely stood out. It’s also very accessible: the person sitting next to me, who barely remembered the play from hight school, liked it as much as we did.

Great acting, great directing, great costumes, and even some beautiful video and music.

The only trouble was that the number of people in the cast outnumbered the number of people in the audience. This is a great shame both for the theater company and for the community. Nothing beats the thrill of live theater done well, and it’s truly a privilege to have Hamlet and his co-actors performing practically in your laps. Rock the Ground Theater Company’s production of “Hamlet” runs weekends through Feb. 22 at the Fort Bragg Lions Club. Don’t miss it!